Our Childcare Philosophy

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Little Sunrise Family Child Care is dedicated to providing quality childcare in a safe, nurturing, and educational environment. Our aim is to help encourage your child’s social, emotional, creative, physical, and cognitive growth.


Through play and groupwork, children are encouraged to have respect for each other and as well as interact positively in social settings. Friendly behavior is rewarded with smiles and hugs!


Children are encouraged to express their feelings and learn how to positively deal with emotions. Developing self-esteem is important, and is something we help children through rewards and positive feedback.


Display of creativity and curiosity are highly encouraged! Our home is full of child-friendly areas where children are free to explore and discover.


Nutritious, high-quality food is provided so your child can grow healthy and strong.


Through fun activities such as counting games we help children begin to master academic skills. We have many developmentally appropriate activities that suit the interests and needs of each child.